March 2015 Meeting Notes


ChesMont NP/PA Association

Regional Chapter of PACNP (Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners)

Meeting Minutes for Wed.March 18, 2015, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Meeting was conducted by Barb LaVerghetta, Co-President.

Officers & Chairpersons:

Co-President: Sue Mattei

Co-President: Barb LaVerghetta

Secretary: Denise Felsenstein

Membership/Treasury Committee Chairperson: Cheryl Wieczorek

Basket Raffle/Fundraising Chairperson: Cynthia MacDonald

Regional Representative: Cheryl Schlamb

Attendance Manager: Emmie Amerine

Physician’s Assistant Representative: Lisa Ferguson

Medical Education Lecture Coordinator: Mary Keirsey

Directory Chairperson: Lisa Johnson-Ford

PAC Fund Chairperson: Teresa Holman

  1. Lecture for Tonight’s Meeting: Tonight’s lecture was “Discussing Lipid Management for Your Patients at Increased Risk – Aggressive LDL-C Lowering and Slowing the Progression of Atherosclerosis” Speaker tonight was Joyce Ross, MSN, RNC, CRNP, CCS from the Cardiology Dept. at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. Sponsor at tonight’s meeting was AstraZeneca, Representative Robert Newman (email address: )
  1. Old Business: No more Contact Hours provided for 2015.
  2. Membership Updates (Cheryl Wieczorek): Please make sure that your memberships are up-to-date. Check the PCNP website at for your membership status and renewal date. Memberships are only ONLINE for nurse practitioner members. Physician Assistants (PAs) fill-out membership forms with Lisa Ferguson (email address: ). PAs need to contact Lisa Ferguson regarding membership renewal and payment of annual dues.
  3. Attendance and Meeting Logistics (Emmie Amerine): All members and guests must sign-in on the ChesMont sheet and the Sponsor’s sign-in sheet. If you must cancel your RSVP, then please notify our secretary, Denise Felsenstein, as soon as possible by emailing her at . Guests are welcome, and will be allowed as we have room. When you RSVP for your guest, please provide their name and professional status so it can be added to the list. AstraZeneca had a specific sign-in sheet that should have been signed by each person attending the meeting.
  4. Basket Raffle (Cynthia MacDonald):
    1. Tonight $106 was collected from the basket raffle. Money collected for the basket raffles is given to the PAC Fund and ChesMont Chapter (½ of the money is donated to the PAC Fund, and ½ of the money goes into ChesMont’s account).
    2. Tonight’s raffle basket was donated by Buffy Blunt. It is a “Spring Fling” basket. This was a picnic basket with extras included! Lisa Johnson won the raffle basket! Next month’s basket will be donated by Karen Gorgonzola.
  5. Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners (PCNP) Updates (Cheryl Schlamb):
  1. Lobby Day for 2015 will be on Mary 12th (Tuesday). There will be a bus available to take from DeSales University, and other colleges/universities.
  2. Consensus Model became official at the end of 2014: People are being audited. Everyone must be practicing under their “scope of practice”. If you are not practicing under your specific scope of practice, then the risk is the loss of your certification. ANCC other national certifiers will be auditing 15% to 20% of those certified.
  3. Professional Practice Update: Susan Schrand, FNP-BC, PCNP at DeSales University March 23, 2015.
  4. PCNP Annual Conference will be Nov. 5-7 in Lancaster, PA.
  5. Full Practice Authority Campaign Update: Lisa Johnson provided an update about the importance of writing letters to our PA State Representatives to get their support for the Full Practice Authority Bill. Lisa Adams and Lisa Johnson are working together to help ChesMont support PCNP with getting this Bill passed in PA. We were provided Thank You notes and Letters to write and sign to the various PA State Representatives. Everyone participated in writing and signing these cards. Lisa Johnson and Lisa Adams both explained that ChesMont is behind in sending letters to our representatives. Many other PCNP chapters have sent much more letters than we have. It is important that everyone finds out who their PA State Representatives are and send them letters explaining the importance of supporting this Bill. Explain why the laws are antiquated and state the reason that getting this Bill passed is important. Try to meet with your PA State Representatives or their Aides to explain the need to support this Bill.
  1. Physician Assistant Updates/Announcements (Lisa Ferguson): No new updates. Physician Assistants (PAs) need to fill-out membership forms annually with Lisa Ferguson (email address: ). PAs should contact Lisa Ferguson regarding membership renewal and payment of annual dues.
  2. Other New business, Job postings, or Announcements:
    1. Barb Speelhoffer provided information about a Cardiology NP job opening. PMSI Cardiology NP position. Setting: Hospital & Office. Hours: Monday – Friday. Contact Barb Speelhoffer NP for more information via email:
    2. Kacie Labik provided information about a full-time PA or NP position at Phoenixville Medical Associates (PMA). This job includes coverage of a nursing home. For more information, contact Kacie Labik PA at
    3. Cynthia Wagner provided information about NP job openings in Palliative Care at Main Line Health for FT, PT, or Per Diem positions. They need positions filled in all Main Line Health sites (Bryn Mawr, Paoli, Riddle, and Lankenau Hospitals). If you have any questions about these positions, contact Cynthia Wagner at email below. Please send resumes to Cynthia by email:
  3. Presentation Tonight: Thank you to speaker Joyce Ross, MSN, RNC, CRNP, CCS for her very interesting lecture about Lipid Management. It was very informative. Thanks to AstraZeneca, Representative Robert Newman for sponsoring our meeting tonight!
  4. Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be held on Wed, April 15th at 6:00pm at the Kimberton Inn.

Meeting was adjourned by Barbara LaVerghetta.


Meeting Minutes respectfully submitted on April 5, 2015 by Denise Felsenstein at to Co-Presidents Sue Mattei at and Barbara LaVerghetta at . Minutes approved by Barbara LaVerghetta on April 7, 2015.