June 2017 Meeting Notes


Regional Chapter of Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants



President—Kim Churach; Vice-President—Barb Speelhoffer; Secretary-Lisa Adams;

DATE: Wednesday, June 21, 2017

**********AUGUST MEETING WILL HAPPEN***********

TOPIC: V-Go Advance Peer to Peer Program

SPEAKER: Jon Stephans, Valeritas Territory Business Leader

SPONSOR: Valeritas

  • Minutes from previous meeting accepted
  • Reminder: 2017 Elections –
    • President and Treasurer, nominations by September 1, 2017- These terms would begin January 2018 until Dec 2019
    • This group succeeds on volunteers, in order to continue on please consider volunteering for a 2 year term to lead your colleagues
    • Secretary Lisa Adams is looking for someone to complete her term d/t her work with CarePA- this position sends the whoosin’ invitations and jots the notes down from the meeting and emails them to the group= Term ends Dec 2018. Lisa actually took this on prior to our guidelines that determined terms, this means she’s actually been doing this role longer than 2 years and could really use someone to take over for her
  • NEED Volunteers at St. Agnes Nurse Center –
    • Wed & Sat 2 hours – need FNP but peds and WH also, if interested contact Barb Laverghetta at blaver1comcast.net
    • Basket sales help to BOOST OUR PAC FUND tonight we collected $139.00
    • Thank you Diana Bragoli for Tonight’s BASKET Donation!
    • Volunteer for July= Katrina Kniezewski & Donna Lefevre, thank you!
    • SB 25 has PASSED SENATE! CONTACT YOUR House of Rep- HB100!
    • PCNP Annual Conference Nov 2-4, 2017 Winds of Change, Erie PA
    • REPS: Lisa Adams & Cheryl Schlamb
  • Sponsor’s needed – Thank you to all who continue to help with finding sponsors, our November sponsor dropped out so we are looking for a replacement (since meeting we have found a sponsor!)
  • Job Postings
    • PMSI GI: FT NP/PA , contact Dr. Burhan Hameed burhanhameed626@gmail.com
    • PMSI Cardiology FT NP- PMSI admin 610-327-4200
    • Vascular: Dr. Ed Pavillard- send email to kchurach@comcast.net and Kim will send it along to Dr. Pavillard
    • Reading Physician Group – staff several urgent cares in Berks County, contact John Bukey 610-310-7921
    • Wound/plastics FT- if interested email kchurach@comcast.net and Kim will send your info to the contact person, Montgomery County

**********AUGUST MEETING WILL HAPPEN***********

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday July 19, 2017

PA Coalition of NPs: www.pacnp.org ****ChesMont WEBSITE: www.chesmontnppa.org