June 2016 Meeting Notes


ChesMont NP/PA Association

Regional Chapter of PACNP (Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners)

Meeting Minutes for Wed. June 15, 2016, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Meeting was conducted by Kim Churach, President

6pm Doors Open* 6:15-6:30pm ChesMont Updates* 6:30pm Dinner & Lecture

Officers & Chairpersons:

President: Kim Churach

Vice-President: Barbara Speelhoffer

Secretary/PCNP CareforPA Rep: Lisa Adams

Membership/Treasury Committee Chairperson: Cheryl Wieczorek

Basket Raffle/Fundraising Chairpersons: Cynthia MacDonald & Buffy Blunt

PCNP Regional Representative: Cheryl Schlamb

Attendance Manager: Emmie Amerine

Physician’s Assistant Representative: Eric Olstad

Medical Education Lecture Coordinator: Mary Kiersey, Amanda Laskoskie

PAC Fund Chairperson: Teresa Holman

CEU Chairperson: Tricia Eckman

  1. Lecture for Tonight’s Meeting: Tonight’s lecture was presented by Astra Zeneca.

The presenter was Dr. Kenneth R. Lander (Private Practice-Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Disorders).Topic was Current Concepts in COPD Management.

Thank you Dr. Lander for providing a very informative lecture.

  1. Attendance:

Thank you for your cooperation with attendance and RSVP’s.

  1. Legislative Updates: (Kim Churach):
  1. Full Practice Authority Campaign Update–#CareforPA:
  • Kim Churach discussed #CareforPA campaign. An addendum was added that would require new graduates to have a collaborative agreement with a physician for the first 3 years of practice.
  • We are waiting to hear if it has gone to vote in the PA Senate
  1. PAC Fund (Teresa Holman):
    1. We still need to boost funds due to recent legislative activities. Thank you for the recent donations to help with the legislative agenda. PCNP still needs support with PAC Fund. Please consider donating money to the PAC Fund. Checks payable to PCNP PAC.
  2. Physician Assistant Update: no new update this meeting
  1. CEU Chairperson: Tricia Eckman has provided a list of CEU opportunities. These are now accessible via the ChesMont website.
  1. Membership Updates (Kim Churach):
    1. Please keep your membership current, otherwise you drop off the invite list automatically. This occurs at the state level
    2. Check the PCNP website at www.pacnp.org for your membership status and renewal date.
      1. Ensure you have the correct email address listed
      2. . Physician Assistants (PAs) are not online for PCNP and will need to fill-out membership forms each year (due by 2016). PAs will need to see Cheryl Wieczorek (email: cherylwiz@comcast.net ) for new registration forms to renew your membership and pay annual ChesMont dues.
    3. PCNP’s 2016 Conference is scheduled for November 3-5, 2016 at the Kalahari Conference Center in the Pocono’s. Save the date! More details to follow on the PCNP website: http://www.pacnp.org/
  1. Attendance and Meeting Logistics (Kim Churach):
    1. RSVP via Whoozin. The RSVP deadline is mandated by Kimberton Inn and the sponsor.
    2. All members and guests must sign-in on both sheets: **This is mandatory**
      1. ChesMont sign-in sheet
      2. Sponsor’s sign-in sheet.
  1. Basket Raffle :
    1. Mary Keirsey, Emmie, Amanda Laskoskie, Deb Mentzer and Emmie donated the summer time basket for tonight! Thank you!
    2. Cheryl Schlamb volunteered to donate next month’s basket.
    3. Total collection today was $185.
    4. Please consider donating a basket for a future meeting.
  1. Job Opportunities:
  • Haverford Women’s Center-Mammogram Center

Part-time, no travel, Email gerifried@gmail.com

  1. Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be held on Wed., July 20th, 2016 at 6:00pm at the Kimberton Inn.
  2. Meeting was adjourned by Kim Churach, President.


Meeting Minutes respectfully submitted on 6/17/2016 by Lisa Adams at chesmont.nppa@comcast.net to Kim Churach at kchurach@comcast.net.