January 2017 Meeting Notes


ChesMont NP/PA Association

Regional Chapter of PACNP (Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners)


Meeting Minutes for Wed. January 18, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Meeting was conducted by Kim Churach, President

6pm Doors Open* 6:15-6:30pm ChesMont Updates* 6:30pm Dinner & Lecture

Officers & Chairpersons:

President: Kim Churach

Vice-President: Barbara Speelhoffer

Secretary/PCNP CareforPA Rep: Lisa Adams

Membership/Treasury Committee Chairperson: Cheryl Wieczorek

Basket Raffle/Fundraising Chairpersons: Cynthia MacDonald & Buffy Blunt

PCNP Regional Representative: Cheryl Schlamb

Attendance Manager: Emmie Amerine

Physician’s Assistant Representative: Eric Olstad

Medical Education Lecture Coordinator: Mary Kiersey, Amanda Laskoskie

PAC Fund Chairperson: Teresa Holman

CEU Chairperson: Tricia Eckman

Welcome Back, Happy 2017!

  1. Lecture for Tonight’s Meeting: A Review of the Safety & Efficacy of OFIRMEV injection for Perioperative Pain Management Across Multiple Surgical Specialties

Our speaker was Ronak Desai, D.O. Cooper University Hospital.

Thank you Dr. DeSai for providing a very informative lecture.


  1. Minutes from the last meeting were accepted by John Bukey.
  2. Remembrance and moment of silence in honor of our beloved Debora Bukey.
  3. 2017 Elections: President and Treasurer, nominations by September 1, 2017.
  4. Monthly Basket: Cynthia MacDonald & Buffy Blunt. Thank you Sue Barb who donated January’s basket! $197 was collected and will be divided 50/50 with the PCNP fund. Shannon Romano, Stacey Godman and Michele Siebel volunteered for the February basket.

Diane Bragoli volunteered for the March basket. Please consider donating a basket for a future meeting

  1. Attendance:

Thank you for your cooperation with attendance and RSVP’s. Please continue to be considerate with RSVP’s.

  1. Sponsors needed-without sponsors our meeting can’t go on.
  1. Legislative Updates:
  • Lisa Adams represented our group at the 1st quarter PCNP meeting.
  • Lisa and Cheryl provided legislative updates-please reach out to your senator and house rep and ask them for their support for full practice authority. More info coming soon. Save the date for Lobby Day April 18, 2017. PCNP website is www.pacnp.org.
  • Rep. Jesse Topper 78th district and Sen. Camera Bartolotta 46th district are our co-sponsor champions.
  1. Dues: Np’s are online via PCNP website. Please do not let membership lag as there is a 2-3month lag time to get membership list. PA’s are due this month.
  1. Physician Assistant Update: Dues should have been paid to remain on invitation list. See Eric Olstad. – If dues NOT paid for 2016 then you will owe dues for both 2017 & 2016 in January. No PA’s have been in attendance for several months. Please reach out to let us know if still interested in being members.
  1. CEU Chairperson:
  • Villanova offers workshops: Visit Villanova.edu/nursing/ce.html for more information
  • Tricia Eckman continues as our CEU chairperson, and will continue to look for CEU opportunities. We are looking to add the CEU’s to the ChesMont website. Coming soon…look for links on the website. Tricia added some CE’s for PA’s this month


  1. Membership Updates (Kim Churach): Please get a friend to join.
  1. Job Opportunities:

Haverford College seeking Family Nurse Practitioner. If interested, contact


  1. Next Meeting: Our next scheduled meeting will be held on Wed., February 15, 2017 at 6:00pm at the Kimberton Inn.

Meeting was adjourned by Kim Churach, President.


Meeting Minutes respectfully submitted on 1/24/2017 by Lisa Adams at chesmont.nppa@comcast.net to Kim Churach at kchurach@comcast.net and approved on