March 2013 Meeting Notes

ChesMont NP/PA Association

Regional Chapter of PACNP (Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners)

Meeting Minutes: Wed. March. 20 2013, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Meeting was conducted by: Sue Mattei, Co-President.

  1. Co-Presidents: Sue Mattei and Barb LaVerghetta are the two co-presidents and coordinate each month’s meetings. Sue Mattei can be contacted at or 610-324-0916.
  2. Sign-in Sheets: Members must RSVP for meetings by the Friday prior to each meeting. This way a list of attendees can be generated for the corporate sponsor. If you plan to bring a guest, the name of your guest must be included in your RSVP. At the meetings, Emmie Amerine will be monitoring the sign-in sheets to make sure that everyone signs-in as requested. The sponsors need to have your name, signature, and where you work. This information is legally required for them so they can prove who is being educated. For our ChesMont group, all members and guests must sign-in so that we can account for everyone who is in attendance and get a count for how many people are having meals at the meeting tonight. When you arrive to a ChestMont meeting: 1) sign-in the member sheet; 2) sign-in the CE sheet (only members) if you want to receive contact hours for the lecture. 3) sign-in on the sponsor’s sign-in sheet so that they can show who attended the program for coverage of our meals tonight.
  3. Jewelry table: Jill is our jewelry vendor at tonight’s meeting. She is selling Stella Dot Jewelry. Before and after our lecture, please stop by to see the jewelry selections available for purchase.
  4. New attendees: There is one new attendee at tonight’s meeting. Guests can come once or twice, but then they need to decide whether or not they want to join and be a member.
  5. Speaker Tonight: Thank you for tonight’s lecture and sponsor. Dr. George Spyropolous, DO is speaking about “A Novel Therapeutic Option for Cold & Allergy-Related Cough.” Dr. Spyropolous is in a family practice, Westtown Valley Medical Associates in West Chester, PA. The sponsor for tonight’s lecture is ECR Pharmaceuticals. Product includes TussiCaps®. Those from ECR Pharmaceuticals who attended tonight include: Cameron Durrand MD, CEO; Phil Weimer, National Sales Director; Valerie Herman, Area Sales Director; Laura King, Healthcare Sales Consultant; and LizAnne Evans, Healthcare Sales Consultant. If you want to contact ECR Pharmaceuticals, you can reach LizAnne Evans at (484) 459-9287 or e-mail at . Dr. Spyropolous said he is willing to answer any questions you may have about his lecture. His office number is (610) 738- 9002.
  6. Continuing Education (CE): In order to receive CE credits, you must be an active member, sign the “CE Sign-in Sheet” (in addition to the member sign-in sheet), and complete the evaluation form at the end of the program. Check the file box on the front table for your CE Certificates.
  7. April Meeting: April meeting will be held on Wed. April 17th. Mary Kiersey is our Medical Education Lecture Coordinator. You can contact her at if you have any recommendations for future meetings.
  8. Membership Updates (Cheryl Wieczorek): Make sure that you renew your membership for 2013. We are down to only 95 members! We are about 30 members lower! If you had to add your name to the member sign-in sheet, then see Barb LaVerghatta or Cheryl Wieczorek. Make sure that you make any changes to the sign-in sheet (ie: address, workplace, etc.). Go online to the coalition website. When you sign-in to the website, you’ll see a renew section on the first screen of the log-in. If you do not want to renew online, then there is a place you can click on the screen to print-out a form to complete and mail-in to a PO Box in Jenkintown. Our goal is to increase our membership to surpass the membership numbers of Southern Chester County NP/PA group. The coalition website is If you have trouble renewing your membership online, you can send an e-mail to Deanna Jones at She will respond to your inquiry, and assist you with your renewal in anyway needed. Physician assistants need to see Lisa Ferguson to complete a paper application for renewal.
  9. PACNP (Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners): Cheryl Schlamb is our representative, and will be attending the Executive Board Meeting that’s coming up in April. She is not in attendance tonight. They will be having the 11th annual conference will be held in the Lancaster Conference Center. Lobby Day will be held on Tuesday, May 7th in Harrisburg Capitol.
  10. Basket Raffle (Geri Cole): Tonight’s basket was donated by Barb Speelhoffer. Thanks, Barb! Besides the raffle basket, all of us in attendance received a “$20 off coupon” for New Concepts med Spa (610) 650-0400. Half of the proceeds from the raffle go to PCNP Political Action Committee (PAC) Fund. The other half of the raffle money is used by ChesMont NP/PA Assoc. for administrative costs (ie: copying fees). The winning ticket for tonight’s basket was chosen by a Penn student the is graduating in June. The winner was Sue Mattei! She was happily surprised since she had Barb LaVerghetta check her tickets! April’s raffle basket will be donated by Stella Dot jewelry. Thanks Jill (tonight’s jewelry vendor)!
  11. Membership Directory (Lisa Johnson-Ford): Please turn-in your updated form and have your picture taken at tonight’s meeting. Lisa has her camera with her to take any pictures for those members who haven’t had their picture taken or sent to her via e-mail. She will only accept profile information updates and photos to her e-mail address until Wed. 3/27. E-mail Lisa at The directory will be completed with the updates and be available for members online. If you are not able to have access online to the directory, arrangements will be made to get a printed copy to you for a fee. A vote was taken at the meeting tonight for providing the directory online to all members, and printed copies to those who do not have online access. However, a fee will need to be charged for printed copies. Everyone at the meeting was in agreement with the directory proposal. There were no objections.
  12. Physician Assistant Updates (Lisa Ferguson): No updates
  13. Other New business, Job postings, or Announcements:
    1. Penny Vanderbeek is a Wilmington University Student who is seeking a GYN or Pediatric rotation. Please contact her at
    2. Main Line Health’s head recruiter is seeking nurse practitioners for full-time or part-time positions. These positions are for offices in Paoli and Bryn Mawr locations. If interested, contact Connie Samulewicz at
    3. Donna Lefevre stated that GlaxoSmithKline has a Mon-Fri. Nurse Practitioner or PA-C Occupational Health position available. This position will provide employee health care. The main focus will be on wellness and preventative health counseling. This is an 18 to 24 month temporary position that could possibly change to be a full-time position. Location is King of Prussia and Collegeville, PA area – covering 3 clinic locations. If interested, contact Yvonne Surh, MD at or telephone #610-270-6111.
  14. Congratulations! Two of our members have become new moms! One has a baby boy, and the other has a baby girl! So glad they could make it out of the house to come to the meeting tonight!
  15. Presentation Tonight: Thank you, Dr. George Spyropolous, for a very interesting lecture on “A Novel Therapeutic Option for Cold & Allergy-Related Cough.” Thanks to ECR Pharmaceuticals for being our sponsor tonight!

Meeting was adjourned by Sue Mattei.

Meeting Minutes respectfully submitted on March 26, 2013 by Denise Felsenstein to Co-Presidents Sue Mattei at and Barbara LaVerghetta at .