August 2014 Meeting Notes


ChesMont NP/PA Association

Regional Chapter of PACNP (Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners)

Meeting Minutes for Wed. August 20, 2014, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Meeting was conducted by Barbara LaVerhetta, Co-President.

Officers & Chairpersons:

Co-President: Sue Mattei

Co-President: Barb LaVerghetta

Secretary: Denise Felsenstein

Membership/Treasury Committee Chairperson: Cheryl Wieczorek

Basket Raffle/Fundraising Chairperson: Cynthia MacDonald

Regional Representative: Cheryl Schlamb

Attendance Manager: Emmie Amerine

Physician’s Assistant Representative: Lisa Ferguson

Medical Education Lecture Coordinator: Mary Keirsey

Directory Chairperson: Lisa Johnson-Ford

PAC Fund Chairperson: Teresa Holman

  1. Lecture for Tonight’s Meeting: Topic is “Personalized Medicine for Neuropsychiatric Disorders.” The speaker tonight is Ray Lorenz, Pharm D, BCPP. Our sponsor tonight is AssurexHealth. Tonight’s presentation is not approved for CEUs. For more information, contact Meg Smith, Molecular Sales Consultant for GeneSight at 610-213-3891. Website is: .
  1. Membership Updates (Cheryl Wieczorek): NP registration for membership is done only online through website All NP members must be up-to-date with their PCNP memberships or they will no longer receive invitations to the monthly meetings. There are now official membership cards available from PCNP. Add Your name to the sign-in sheet if your name is not listed. Make sure all information on the sign-in sheet is correct, and write any changes directly onto the sheet. Please make sure you have a work address listed. Physician Assistants also need to keep current with their membership renewals in order to continue receiving monthly invitations to meetings. PAs register with Lisa Ferguson on a paper registration form annually to update your dues. You can contact her at Please make sure you have a current email address listed on the PCNP site or with Lisa Ferguson (for PAs). The emails for invitations each month are derived from the current PCNP list online and current PA list from Lisa Ferguson.
  2. Meeting Logistics (Emmie Amerine): RSVP’s are mandatory in order to attend each month’s meeting. If you have RSVPed but cannot attend, notify Denise as soon as possible so that others on the waiting list will be able to attend. Notify the ChesMont Secretary, Denise Felsenstein through email at . Guests must register with member and sign-in upon attending meeting.
  3. PACNP- Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners: The 12th Annual PCNP Conference will be held November 6-8 at the Wyndam Grand in Pittsburgh, PA.
  4. Regional PCNP Board Meeting (Beth Kotarski): The PCNP meeting was held on July 18th at The Penn Stater Conference Center. Beth attended this meeting to represent ChesMont. She provided the group with a report on this meeting. She stated that they had a presentation by Matrix Medical Network who sponsored breakfast. This was a home care company looking to hire NPs. Everyone signed-in and provided introductions. The Central Office provided an update by Morgan Maloney. Information was provided about the website. The Website is now fully operational and open to each group around the state. We need to let Morgan know who will be ChesMont’s site representative so we can create changes to the ChesMont group site. Morgan will give the ChestMont website rep the access to change it. We need to contact her with the website person’s name. Sue Schrand talked about how hard it was to decide to let go or Morgan Plant’s contract. She really believed it was a good decision, and PCNP will benefit from the new lobby MMP (Media Management Partners from Washington DC). Regional news included information provided from activities of each PCNP chapter. Beth shared that ChesMont has been discussing membership and are having difficulties with getting sponsors, just as the other groups have explained. There was a working lunch which included reports of treasurer and old business. This included discussion about how we want to spend excess money such as creating Scholarships. PCNP President, Lorraine Block, talked about pushing for legislation 1063 in the fall. Hoping that it will get closer and have more support than if we tried to push it through now. We still have the support of Representative Pat Vance. Lori Martin-Plank talked about AANP campaigns and the tele-health committee. Old business included information about the upcoming conference and that registration for it is now open. On Sept. 27th there will be a Retreat with MMP Associates. It is Mandatory for all regional representatives to attend. It will take place in New York. More information about this will be forthcoming. Some ideas for getting members include giving a free membership to a new person every year. Tell all new NPs to negotiate their salary contracts by asking for stipend for PCNP membership dues. Also, providing student scholarships were discussed for any student members ($250 per year scholarship) for any student members who come to at least 3 meetings during the year. Other types of membership ideas were also discussed. Barbara LaVerghetta thanked Beth for attending the meeting to represent ChesMont and providing the information to us at tonight’s meeting.
  5. Basket Raffle (Cynthia MacDonald): Tonight was a 50/50 raffle basket. The winner received $72, and the remaining $72 is split between the PCNP PAC fund and ChesMont local funds. It took a while to identify the winner of the raffle, but a winner was finally found when everyone rechecked their tickets! The September basket will be donated by Linda Kohn and Karen Wood.
  6. Sponsors: We are glad to announce that we have sponsors scheduled from now until January. Thank you to Mary Keirsey for working with the sponsors. We need at least 3 or 4 assistants to help Mary with getting the sponsors since she will be going back to school. We need members to volunteer who are working in facilities where they see pharmacy representatives. If you would like to volunteer for this position, please contact Mary at .
  7. Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be held on Wed, Sept. 17th at the Kimberton Inn. We have a sponsor for the meeting.
  8. RSVP to Meetings: Members need to RSVP to meetings in order to attend. Send RSVPs to Denise at .
  9. Other New business, Job postings, or Announcements:
    1. Immunization Update: Sept. 18, 2014 at the Downingtown Country Club. Cost is $25, and contact hours will be available. More information about this program will be send via email to ChesMont members.
    2. Brian Abaluck, MD – Sleep Medicine NP wanted: Ruth Brobst provided us with information about a Neurologist with a full-time NP position available for sleep medicine. He is willing to train NPs with no sleep background. Locations include: Paoli, Ridley Park, and Newtown Square. See note from Dr. Abaluck:

Hello, I am seeking an outpatient nurse practitioner in sleep medicine.  In sleep, you would have the opportunity to significantly improve patients’ lives, via treatment of sleep apnea and behavioral therapy for insomnia, in a relatively low-stress environment.  You would spend time with me at the Paoli, Riddle, and Newtown Square sleep centers.  I would train you in sleep medicine regardless of your background.  Your responsibilities would include seeing patients in follow-up and responding to patient phone calls.  Pediatric experience is preferable but not essential.  I practice a small amount of neurology (~5-10% of my outpatient practice) but would not request your participation unless you already had some background and comfort in neurology.  For more information, please email me at or visit my website at Thank you, Brian Abaluck, MD

  1. Presentation Tonight: Thank you to our speaker, Ray Lorenz, Pharm D, BCPP for a fascinating lecture. Dr. Lorenz can be contacted at Assurex Health at 513-701-5047 or on his cell #251-680-3772 if any of our members have questions for him about this lecture topic. Thank you, Assurex Health, for sponsoring tonight’s meeting. The speaker, Dr. Lorenz, provided us with very interesting information about how gene testing is used to determine which medications would be better choices for patients for treatment of depression and psychotic disorders. He provided explanations about the pharmacodymanic and pharmacokinetic information regarding psychiatric drugs and how genes affect these drug processes for each patient. He utilized case studies to provide us with examples of how testing and results are used for prescribing psychiatric medications for depression and psychosis.

Meeting was adjourned by Barbara LaVerghetta.

Meeting Minutes respectfully submitted on August 23, 2014 by Denise Felsenstein at to Co-Presidents Sue Mattei at and Barbara LaVerghetta at . Minutes accepted by Barbara LaVerghetta on 8/25/14.